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Hello, I'm Mauricio

UX designer, photographer, and future computer scientist.

What is this?

A public place to share your work

Share your artwork, create your own blog, or checkout useful projects created by the community.

Why was this created?

Personal site

At first, this was meant to be a site for my own projects. However, I decided to turn my personal site into a public one for people to share their creativity through art, blogs, and more.

Old Bombay Tech

Old BombayTech

BombayTech was created as a personal website where I could learn more about web technologies. It hosted some projects I had created along with my portfolio and a gallery for my work as an artist. However, after my database got taken down, I decided to learn about Supabase and recreate what once was supposed to be my blog.


I wanted to learn about web design, development, and how to host a website. MPhotography was a page created to show all the photos I have taken throughout my career as a photographer. However, due to it being hardcoded, it became very difficult to keep adding more and more images. I soon left it as an abandoned project which remains in the limbo with the last images I uploaded at the time.

Old Bombay Tech
Old Bombay Tech
Entity Evolution

Entity Evolution was an organization I created as a teenager with a couple of friends in order to create open source projects for the FiveM ecosystem. It started as one where we would create innovate resources such as HUDs, scoreboards, and other types of panels. However, it soon became a place where we would recreate poorly made paid scripts which would bring the open source community together.